[Tutorial | Video] Google search engine used for hacking?

All you need for hacking is Google... sometimes.

[Tutorial] Google search engine used for hacking?


Google Hacking, sometimes called as Google Dorking is a technique that uses search engine or other Google apps to find security vulnerabilities.


Johnny Long known as “j0hnny” or “j0hnnyhax” is considered as a father of “Google Hacking” concept. Back in 2002 Johnny Long began to collect Google search queries that uncovered sensitive, personal data like Social Security numbers and credit card numbers.

With simple Google query you can get an access to many interesting logs or find vulnerable servers.

Check this great tutorial to learn more – sometimes you even don’t have to start up the Kali Linux or need special tools to get reconnaissance done.


Check Google Hacking tutorials:



Huge database of Google Hacking queries:

Get inspired by over 5000 queries in Exploit DB and learn by example.




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